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Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers

Tales from the ‘Indiana Jones of Cultural Adventures’…

From New York to Beijing, Paris to Juba, Moscow to Mexico City, Ken Pasternak’s distinguished career as a banker, management consultant, executive educator, author and keynote speaker has provided a wealth of experience with people and organizations internationally. In this book he shares some of the most memorable stories from his wide-ranging travels and his many encounters with celebrities, and draws out truths that still apply today in both life and business.

From leadership to life skills, culture to kindness, these are stories that will make you laugh and make you think, and might just change your perspective on life.

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Author: Ken Pasternak
Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing
Publish Date: 6 July 2021
Language: English
Type: Paperback
EAN/UPC: 9781788602815


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