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Origins: The Bonafide Brand Story

Our brand has been through quite a few transformations over the decades and with a new website focused on our book publishing, it feels like a great time to revisit our roots. Way back in those hazy dayz of 1994 and inspired by street art and hip-hop culture, Bonafide Comics broke onto the scene.

It mainly featured comics stories by the editors, Jerry Holliday and Luke Fay as well as graphic art contributions from many other artists including James Fox, Nick Walker, Inkie, Felix FLX Braun, Joe Leigh, and Mark Swan.

The comic anthology received spots on TV, radio and was featured in ID magazine, DJ, Hip Hop Connection as well as the Bristol-based Venue magazine.

Co-editor and writer at the time, Luke Fay said in HHC: “A lot of people don’t know what to make of it, especially if they have picked it up in the clothes and record shops, but the people in the comics industry have been very positive.”

In the end, Bonafide Comics only ran for three glorious issues and amazingly there are still rare copies available to purchase here but it remains an inspiration and reminder to always stay creative!

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